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IMG_3046I would always chuckle a little to myself when someone would say, “You can find me at, My”

Does everyone have such important information to share with the world that they should have their own website?

Well I don’t know about everyone, but I know I don’t qualify for “My” status.

But I’m lucky, to my knowledge, there are only three known people with the name John Bukenas. My father who passed away July, 9 2001, myself and my Son John. Now we all have different middle names so the is no need for Sr, Jr, and the III. So that means there wasn’t a great demand for the domain name.  I could hear my Dad now if he was still with us.

“Mister Big”

So There is just me and my Son to worry who gets this domain name and I was here first.  But I will just hold this site for him.  And when he is ready he can have this website.

There are two reasons for having this website:

  1. I can now have the email address (I really like having that email address)
  2. Play around with website design and maybe learn a little something.

So I will continue to play with the site. Heck I might even blog about some things.

Who knows what the future brings?